Yes, tripods can be a hassle to carry around with you but they help you take great shots in a number of ways. 

Using a tripod does take more time, but this can be to your advantage as it forces you to take more time to think about your potential image. It often means you’ll become more aware of other elements like composition of the image, and lighting. The more focussed you are on the conditions, the more likely you will be to take a great shot. 

A steady camera is a necessity for all types of photography. 

CAMERA SHAKE – The typical problem when taking a photo in low light without a tripod

There are lots of other ways to keep your camera steady without purchasing a tripod.


One that I love is simply using a piece of string. The string is about 3 metres long and easily coils up into my camera bag. 

When I need stability, I simply attach each end of the string to the eyelet on either side of my camera. (The eyelets used for the camera carry strap). 

Allow the length of the string to be such that I can place my foot through the hoop and clamp the middle of the length of string with my foot onto the ground. 

Now, as I push my camera up vertically, the string tightens and acts as a brace – thus eliminating any vertical movement. 

Cool idea right ?

Obviously, your camera will still be subject to horizontal movement but at least much easier to control.