Information updated on July 16, 2019

Redeem a Deal Voucher






So, you have a special deal voucher to attend a Photography Masterclass

We’re excited to have you on-board and look forward to seeing you at your class !

Now let’s redeem your voucher!

Please follow these steps to ensure all goes smoothly….


Make a note of your voucher number (and security code if a Groupon)

If you are redeeming a GROUPON VOUCHER, you MUST also make a note of the security number that is printed on the top left corner of your voucher.  Please see the example here:


this will take you to the Photography Masterclass Booking Office


Select your class and click “BOOK TICKETS”

if the class you were seeking is SOLD OUT… your voucher is valid for any alternative class date.



Select the number of tickets you require.


Enter your deal voucher code/s to deduct the value of each voucher from the order total.

If you are ordering more than one ticket, you will need to enter each voucher code individually to deduct the relevent value from your order total. 
PLEASE NOTE:   When entering a Voucher a good idea is to COPY AND PASTE your Coupon and Security codes to avoid any errors or typos.  A common error is entering the number ZERO instead of the letter “O” and visa versa.


Complete all your details as required

Check your details and that of each person attending the class paying particular attention to ensure the correct phone and reliable email address is entered.  

When all is checked….SUBMIT THE FORM


When you have successfully completed all the above …..
You will be given the option to immediately download you ticket/s

Also check your email as you will be able to download your tickets from the email and either save them to your smartphone or print them out.

Tickets (not vouchers) are required for entry to your class!

Tickets may be presented either on your phone or printed out prior to the event.

Information emails and Deal vouchers are not tickets and will not be accepted at the door and NOT valid for entry. 

Only tickets that show the valid Photography Masterclass barcode (similar to the sample here) will be accepted.







Now, let’s get started and get your tickets
by clicking the button below
and redeeming your voucher



Experiencing Difficulties ?
Do you require assistance ?

Our team are on standby to assist with any questions you may have.


If you are experiencing any difficulties in redeeming your voucher
please make our Help Desk your

Our experienced team will promptly sort it for you!