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Welcome to Photography Masterclass


Photography Masterclass is an education business that is revolutionising the way people learn how to photograph.

Did you know that most people only benefit from about 60% of their camera’s potential?

We invite photography enthusiasts to attend a 4 Hour, fun and highly informative presentation designed to make it very easy for all ages and experience to successfully learn how to gain the very most from their Smartphone or camera no matter what type it is.

At the heart of our business, we are passionate about photography and love enriching lives by connecting and sharing photography concepts for mutual benefit.

We give camera owners and a wide range of photography enthusiasts the freedom and confidence to take great photos with complete peace of mind in knowing that their camera setting are optimised and their photography results are going to be improved.

Classes are conducted throughout the world and regularly in most capital cities in Australia.

We look at it this way…..

You have invested a lot of money to buy your camera.

Let’s say your camera cost $1000.

If you don’t know how to get the most from your camera you are potentially wasting $400 !! To start your success path to taking better photos, it is with pleasure that we provide the following tips, tricks and techniques…

ENJOY ! [/text_block]

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