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The 4 Hour Photography Masterclass

If you have ever been confused about all those camera settings, the Introductory Masterclass is just for you !

You’ll learn all there is to know about your camera settings and in a way that you’ll find incredibly easy to understand.

During this fun learning experience you’ll also discover just how easy it is to take amazing shots with any type of camera as one of Australia’s leading professionals shows you the secrets to creative Lighting, Composition, Shutter Speed, Aperture and so much more.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to take great photos!

About us:


Photography Masterclass is an education business that is revolutionising the way people learn how to photograph with any device from mobile to DSLR.

At the heart of our business, we are passionate about everything photography and love enriching lives by connecting and sharing photography concepts for mutual benefit.
We give a wide range of photography enthusiasts the freedom and confidence to take great photos with complete peace of mind in knowing that their camera settings are optimised and their photography results are going to be improved.

Classes are conducted throughout the world with regular classes in most capital cities of Australia.

Start taking better photos …

Suitable for all camera types from mobile phone to DSLR

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Like No Other Photography Class

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Today my life changed dramatically for the better, things I have struggled to understand in photography became crystal clear. I could hardly wait to get my camera out and get started with this new insight.


I was amazed at how much information you packed in to the class and would highly recommend it to any beginner and to all friends that have been using their camera in a non Magic way.

MW – Brisbane

I wanted to say that the class was excellent. I am so glad I attended it! I learnt so much about my camera and about taking photos. Thank you again for such an informative class,

CH – Perth

Went to the Masterclass not understanding much about Shutter Speed and Aperture and now it’s as clear as can be. Thanks a million, It was GREAT !

MB – Brisbane

Hey, thoroughly enjoyed the Masterclass. You made it so easy for all to understand the basics of photography. Also enjoyed all the references to the old “film” days and just how easy photographers have it today with Digital !

KW – Wollongong

Would like to thank Anthony for such an inspiring class yesterday, you are truly inspirational and it is fantastic to see how you are emotionally connected to each and every client that walks through your door, your passion is priceless.

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This will change the way you enjoy photography - forever !!

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