Information updated on March 18, 2018

Check,Update or Change a Booking

Check, Update or Change a booking

By logging into your booking you may perform the following updates:


Check the details of your booking.


If you have previously redeemed a voucher and at the time were unable to select a suitable class date,  you may have selected the option to attend a future Masterclass…  If new class dates have now been released,  you may login here and update your booking to reflect the new class you wish to attend.


If you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, you may also login here to change the date or time of your class booking.


If you are unable to attend any of the dates listed, you may select the option that validates your voucher for any future class.   If you have selected this option, please return to our website from timer to time to review any new dates that ave been added to our schedule.  Once you see a date that you wish to attend, simply return back to this page again and update your information using the same instructions as above.

Please note: Unless specifically authorised, changes to your class are not permissible within 7 days of your original class date.

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